Curiosity leads to exploration ...
Observation raises many questions ...
Since both the inert and the living leave traces of their past and present existence.
It is to observe a fraction of sky, a portion of land, that the www.culturediff.org Website invites you.
The Land of Oc' (southern France) will be the starting point of this trip towards other spaces, in other times ...

Le tourbillon de la vie

A long way ...    Thwarted love    Groupies

The time for festivities    Alchemy

Magnifying effect    Cosmogony

One and the other    Gratte-Ciel    Live and Become

The space curvature    The shadow of a caress

Summer clouds    Cardinal points

Resist !    The Wave

The Ice Age    Lauragais Color

Renewable ?     About vacuum and creation

A stairway to heaven     Autumn colors

Contemporaneity     Autumn mist     The sword and the rock     Azure blue

Rock Shelter    The Pillars of Creation    Atmosphere, Atmosphere ...    Plumage is not ramage

Magma Ocean     Lone in the world ?     The Moon and the Lake

The philosophical stone     Itinerary of an advised noctambule     Hereafter

Artist's Impression     Draw me the ecliptic ...

Body of a Goddess     The Dawn of the Moon
     Sky Attacks

Ocher Digger     Another world     Imagine ...

Fallen from the Sky     Comet in Twilight     The flyschs of Socoa

In weightlessness ...      Two thousand years of history      Runway to the stars

Moai     The Veilhes Nebula     The echo of light

Candle in the Night     Fictitious Sun     Le Rouge et le Noir

Contact     Martian Twilight     Stone path

Once upon a time the living     A giant with a foot of granite     The cradle of Humankind

Eruption of stars    The brain of Neptune    Myths and Legends

Golden sky or Starry sky ?    A stone book

Cambrian Art