The Culture Diff' services

Since its creation in the year 2000, the Culture Diff' company has offered a variety of services:
point the conception, in close collaboration with Monique Samson, interior designer, graphic designer and co-creator of the G.I.E. Smart AI, of graphic art works based on the landscape photographs that compose the PhotoExploration section. These works of art are exhibited in the PhotoGraphism section and are accompanied by a booklet entitled: « PhotoGraphism: a new artistic language ».

point the conception of photographs related to scientific topics. Some of these photographs have been exhibited, others have been the main support for oral presentations. Finally, fifteen of them are marketed in the form of original postcards ;

point the conducting of conferences, the participation in seminars, roundtables and scientific debates organized by various centers of scientific culture, associations and research institutes. The Culture Diff' company participated in 51 events of this kind. The complete list of these interventions is available here;

point the contribution to the elaboration of shows. The Culture Diff' company has contributed to the elaboration of two planetarium shows produced by the Astronef at Saint-Etienne and the Cité de l'Espace in Toulouse, as well as the implementation of three Art & Science shows produced by the association Les Chemins Buissonniers. The details of these achievements is available here;

point the writing of scientific papers and books (12), the contribution to the drafting of press articles (10), the creation of calendars (1), the participation in radio broadcasts (3), the contribution to the realization of video material (3). The list of these multimedia documents is available here;

point the rewieving of articles related to Astro-Egyptology, submitted for publication in various scientific journals : Les Cahiers Caribéens d'Egyptologie, i-Medjat, Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections, etc;

point the creation of greeting cards and flyers (3), the design and animation of professional (1) and institutional (2) websites, the contribution to the organization of scientific events (Science Festival, Open Doors, Giordano Bruno Days, Kiosk at the Museum of Toulouse, etc), the reception of visitors (students, professors, institutionals) in the laboratories of the Midi-Pyrénées Observatory (Mixed Research Units of the CNRS and the University of Toulouse). The list of these service deliveries is available here;

point a scientific and institutional monitoring activity through the animation of one professional (@culturediff) and two institutional (@IRAP_France, @EDSDU2E) Twitter accounts;

point the translation, in French, of scientific documents (flyers, articles, websites, press releases) written in the English language.

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