The Dawn of the Moon

Spherical, orangey, spotted,
like the reflection of the setting Sun.
It is in this form that Selene appears
in the discreetly azure cabardesian sky.

Spherical, because centered on its gravity.
Orangey, as tanned by the solar glare.
Spotted, since littered with multiple craters
– proof that it consists in a huge rock.
Its true nature was understood by Galilei
who observed it magnified and drew its portrait.
Exit the concept of ether and the notion of perfect sphericity
formulated in Greece then dogmatized by Christianity !

The chemical and isotopic analyzes of Selene's mantle
revealed its close relationship with terrestrial rocks.
And if the Moon was formed 4.5 billion years ago,
after Theia has impacted our primitive Earth ?

The dawn of the Moon

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Keywords : Moon, observation, surface, Galileo Galilei, scenario of formation