About Culture Diff' ...

The Culture Diff' company was established in June 2000 with the aim of disseminating the scientific culture and to develop the results of fundamental research - in the field of Ancient Egytian Astronomy especially. At that time indeed, I was preparing a Ph.D on this topic located at the interface between the natural sciences and the humanities (*).

For this purpose, the www.culturediff.org Website has been developed. Over time, over the progress of my doctoral dissertation, over the increasing number of contacts and partnerships with actors from various associations, cultural institutions, museums, scientific and artistic teaching and research centers, with the press as well, the content of this website has been enriched with rubrics (Dossiers, Softwares, Publications, Conferences, Shows, Media-TIC, Oc'Sciences, etc.) each dedicated to a particular mode of dissemination of scientific culture among diverse audiences. This Web architecture perfectly fit with the successive achievements of the Culture Diff' company in the field of dissemination and optimization (**). However, science was relegated to the background. A complete overhaul of the www.culturediff.org Website was necessary, so that its contents raises scientific curiosity again ...

Curiosity leads to exploration ... Observation raises many questions ... Since both the inert and the living leave traces of their past and present existence. It is to observe a fraction of sky, a portion of land, that the www.culturediff.org Website invites you. The Land of Oc' (located southern France) will be the starting point of this trip towards other spaces, in other times ...
The photographs taken in the Land of Oc' - especially in the Midi-Pyrénées and the Languedoc-Roussillon regions which, at the very beginning of 2016, merged under a single name, Occitania - are now the privileged broadcasting medium of scientific culture, of our current knowledge of Man and the surrounding Nature. They make up a wall of pictures accessible from the top menu Exploration section. Click on one of these photographs and dive into the heart of an exotic, surprising, unexpected universe, rich in lessons on human beings and their environment, in different historical, geological even astronomical periods! Click on one of these photographs and discover some of the most beautiful places - for some unknown - of the Land of Oc'!

by Karine GADRE,
Culture Diff' company-head,
Ph.D in Astronomy of the University of Toulouse, France.

ligne horizontale
* The set of done and published research work during my doctoral dissertation is available under the heading AstroEgypto. The unpublished astronomy softwares developed then are available under the heading Products in the top menu.

** The detail of these achievements now appears under the heading Services in the top menu. The content of the Dossiers relating to the history of science will reappear progressively, over the publication of new photographs within the Exploration section of the top menu.