About Culture Diff' ...

The Culture Diff' company was created in June 2000 with the aim of disseminating the scientific culture to as many people as possible and of promoting the results of fundamental research - particularly in the field of ancient Egyptian astronomy. At that time, I was preparing a doctoral thesis on this topic located at the interface between the natural sciences and the humanities. To this end, the www.culturediff.org website has been created. The AstroEgypto section is the privileged witness of this period: it gathers all the research work carried out and published during my doctoral thesis. The original Astronomy softwares designed for this purpose are available in the Products section. The list of conferences, shows, interviews, articles, books, etc. related to this theme can be found in the Services section.

Curiosity leads to exploration ... Observation raises many questions ... Since both the inert and the living leave traces of their past and present existence. It is to observe a fraction of Sky, a portion of Earth, that the Exploration section invites you. The Land of Oc' (located southern France) will be the starting point of this trip towards other spaces, in other times ...
Since 2014, photographs taken in the Land of Oc' - i.e., the Occitania region, located southwestern France - have been the main medium for disseminating scientific culture, our current knowledge of Man and the surrounding Nature. They make up a wall of images accessible from the PhotoExploration section. Click on one of these photographs and dive into the heart of an exotic, surprising, unexpected universe, rich in lessons on human beings and their environment, in different historical, geological even astronomical periods! Click on one of these photographs and discover some of the most beautiful places - for some unknown - of the Land of Oc'!

The encounter between an artist and a scientist has recently led to the emergence of a very new form of artistic expression: a language called PhotoGraphism. This language combines several techniques borrowed from digital photography and graphic arts. It offers a graphic reinterpretation of the real world, a renewed vision of the surrounding Nature. The ensuing works of art, divided into two collections, are the result of this fresh perspective.

Smart AI
The encounter with Monique Samson, interior designer and graphic designer, gave rise to the emergence of a new form of expression: PhotoGraphism, as well as to the creation of original works gathered in two collections entitled « Contours » and « Color Escape ». Because they combine various techniques borrowed from the graphic arts and digital photography, each of these works of art offers a renewed vision of the surrounding Nature: three-dimensional, animated and poetic at the same time. To discover without further delay in the dedicated section!

by Karine GADRE,
Smart AI E.I.G. co-founder,
Culture Diff' company-head and founder,
Ph.D in Astronomy of the University of Toulouse, France.