The sword and the rock

The sword and the rock
« You have stepped
in the heart of the forest,
young and noble Arthur.
In the quest of Excalibur.

Here is the legendary
sword, planted in a rock.
Like a bare tree
made of wrought iron.

Meteoritic iron
- strong and rustic,
which gives its holder
invincibility and grandeur.

Grab this sword
and you will instantly be
at the head of the knights.
Only guarantor of the royalty.

You will fight for peace,
and will do build a palace.
Around a circular table,
your knights will meet.

They will review their victories
of the past. However, the glory
is quite often short-lived.
Your honor will be injured.

You will have to engage
yourself in a new battle,
O noble and venerable Majesty.
That of the ultimate verity. »

Information relating to this photography:
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Keywords : sword, rock of the Sidobre, Tarn, legend of King Arthur, Excalibur, Knights of the Round Table, the Holy Grail