Magma Ocean

There are sunsets that set ablaze the Pyrenean sky, to the point of recalling the past existence of a huge volcano in lieu of the current Pic du Midi d'Osseau. The summit of the French Pyrenees, which rises to 2,884 meters above sea level, is composed of the remains of this volcanic caldera dated to the Permian, that is to say, from about 250 million years ago. The current chain of the Pyrenees contains traces (granite peaks and folds) of a even older geological structure: the Hercynian chain, arisen from Earth 360 million years ago, whose dimensions were very similar to those of the Himalaya, but that erosion screeded in less than one hundred million years. The analysis of the most ancient rocks, of their constituent minerals (zircons), testifies the existence of geological structures dating from 500 million and even a billion years ago. Thus, the Pyrenean chain is proving to be a great machine to go back to geologic times ...

Magma ocean

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Keywords : primitive Earth, formation of the continents, volcanic caldeira, formation of the Pyrenees