As the Sun declines,
the ridge line is emerging.
Gradually, the forest strip
plunges into darkness.
Only the treetop filled with
discrete inhabitants subsists :
birds nestled by thousands,
mammals venturing along the paths,
insects converted into tunnellers,
microorganisms reducing waste ...

This ecosystem continuously recycled
is characterized by an architecture
provided with multiple infrastructures,
which all are part of sustainability.

A good example of an eco-city. To meditate ...


Information relating to this photography:
  • Photographic conditions : Sigma DP3 Quattro - F/8 - 1/100 sec - ISO 100
  • Development tool of the photograph : SIGMA Photo Pro 6.4.1
  • Optimization of displaying colors on screen : Firefox 30.0 + Module Color Management 0.5.3
Keywords : sunset, treetop, ecosystem, waste recycling, eco-city, Lauragais, Aude