Resist !

In the image of a lighthouse,
this conifer delimits a terroir :
the southern tip of a Cathar isle.

Vestige of a distant past,
memory of the Lauragais plain,
of its many steep hills
once covered with moor, broom
and pastel flowers shining lemony.

In the image of a sentinel,
this conifer alerts the residents
of the progress of the assaillants.

Jewels of the present times,
these ears of wheat form an army
of glyphosated and irrigated conquerors
constraining pastels, moor and broom
to fall back on the hilly terrain.

Cathar Island

Information relating to this photography:
  • Photographic conditions : Sigma DP3 Quattro - F/16 - 1/100 sec - ISO 100
  • Development tool of the photograph : SIGMA Photo Pro 6.3.3
  • Optimization of displaying colors on screen : Firefox 30.0 + Module Color Management 0.5.3
Keywords : modern agriculture, ecosystem, biotope, Cathar Area, Lauragais, Tarn