A stairway to heaven

Time has come to leave this earth,
this life, to say adieu to loved ones,
to ascend this stairway to heaven,
the unknown – artificial paradise ?

Through its various questionings,
the passage from life to death recalls
the transition from inert to living.
Does this endless night consists in
a mere return to the stagnant shape ?
Alternatively, does the eternal rest
lay in the continuity of the living ?

Moreover, will any trace
of our existence survive to
our departure ? If so, which one ?

A few scattered bones,
like the very first hominids ?

Various architectural complexes
reminding the huge buildings
erected since ancient times ?

A philosophical, literary,
artistic or even scientific oeuvre,
whose originality, creativity, quality,
confers on it a special durability
and a probable scalability ?

Since contributing to the evolution of society
- rather than to its inertness or withdrawal,
can offer a real meaning to our life ...

Stairway to heaven

Information relating to this photography:
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Keywords : sunset, Lauragais, Tarn, life, death and the beyond, trace of our existence, giving a meaning to our life