About vacuum and creation

The Sun when setting
confers to landscapes
a denuded appearance,
mixing order and chaos.

Behind these shadowy
and colorful silhouettes
looms the skeleton of a
nearly complete vacuum,

of a desert filled with
matter and energy
being created constantly,
exchanging each other.

Hence the possibility that
everything was created
from almost nothing,
i.e, from a full void.

About vacuum and creation

Information relating to this photography:
  • Photographic conditions : Sigma DP2 Quattro - F/16 - 1/15 sec - ISO 100
  • Development tool of the photograph : SIGMA Photo Pro 6.3.3
  • Optimization of displaying colors on screen : Firefox 30.0 + Module Color Management 0.5.3
Keywords : vacuum and creation, order and chaos, matter and energy, sunset, Lauragais hills, Tarn