The Ice Age

Spring 1275. The whole of Europe freezes in an endless winter.
Mountain glaciers extend, the surface of some lakes remains frozen.
The sky is dark, full of sulfur aerosols coming from a distant land.
Some twenty years earlier, a tropical volcano, the Samalas, erupted.
The explosion was mega-colossal. To the point of generating a little ice age.

Combined with several successive minima of solar activity,
this planetary cooling era lasted some six hundred years.
Six centuries during which decline and apogee phases alternated.
MGTINwhile, under the impulse of several heretic and enlightened scholars,
human societies freed themselves from the yoke of Christianity and evolved.

Slowly but surely, ideas, techniques abounded:
As our knowledge of natural phenomena progressed,
arose the desire, the will, the necessity to tame them, to dominate them.
Extracting more and more resources to produce more energy became needed.
By dissipating into the atmosphere, this surplus put an end to the Little Ice Age ...

The Ice Age

Information relating to this photography:
  • Photographic conditions : Sigma DP2 Quattro + HOYA PRO ND 16 - F/8 - 1/80 sec - ISO 100
  • Development tool of the photograph : SIGMA Photo Pro 6.3.3
  • Optimization of displaying colors on screen : Firefox 30.0 + Module Color Management 0.5.3
Keywords : volcanic eruption, Little Ice Age, science and technology, global warming, Lauragais, Tarn

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This photograph gave rise to the creation of a work of art entitled « Le lac gelé » which is part of the « Contours » collection of the gallery dedicated to PhotoGraphism. This work of art appears as a tableau printed on a Forex plate (Fine Art printing on white PVC, 5 mm thick, matt finish) embedded in a black wooden Artbox frame. Only ten copies of this work are marketed internationally. A certificate of authenticity accompanies each tableau.

Frozen lake

Size : 30 cm x 80 cm - Printing support : Forex 5 mm - Black Artbox frame - GTIN : 3701147001031

Price : 250 euros

Delivery time : 15 days - Delivery costs : 20 euros

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This photograph and the corresponding work of art are published in a 50-page booklet entitled « PhotoGraphism: a new artistic language » designed for the purposes of the exhibition « PhotoGraphism: a fresh perspective » organized at the Dominique C. Gallery of the castle of Auriac sur Vendinelle (France) from the 17th May to the 17th June 2019. It gathers all the 24 works of art on display as well as the photographs from which they originate, one facing the other. This booklet written in French is available for 45 euros.

PhotoGraphisme     PhotoGraphisme

Size: 21 cm x 29,7 cm - Cover: Satin coated paper 350g - Glued square back

Sheets: satin coated paper 150g - Printing: Quadrichromy - GTIN : 3701147001246

Price : 45 euros

Delivery time : 7 days - Delivery costs : 10 euros

Text on the back cover : « In their studio nestled in the heart of the Lauragais, between hills and valleys, Karine Gadré and Monique Samson meet their scientific and artistic views of the landscapes they have photographed. At heart, they have criss-crossed the Lauragais area, in the Occitanie region, and created a new artistic language called PhotoGraphism, which offers a renewed vision of our environment: three-dimensional, animated and poetic at the same time. This is followed by the creation of works of art structured in linear networks, modular grids and other undulating deformations, which, we hope, will propel the reader into an imaginary world that is at once luminous, dynamic and aerial, far from the reality photographed, yet everywhere present. »

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