Le Rouge et le Noir

« In this singular being, it was almost daily storm. » (Stendhal, 1830)
The ardor of passion,
the coldness of ambition,
mingled with unreason,
sometimes causing aversion.

Such as flashes of brilliance
which draw their energy
from the rest, the ennui,
and pierce the sense.

The memory of a pure
and disinterested amour
questioned daily
his quest for glory.
But innately dissonant,
the conveying of his heart,
the restraining of his temper,
excluded each other.

On the evening of his existence
ended his quest for sense :
swept away for ever, ambition
finally let express passion.

A slight scent of insouciance
then embalmed his conscience.

Le Rouge et le Noir

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Keywords : Sunset, Bruniquel, Tarn et Garonne, Julien Sorel, Le Rouge et le Noir, Stendhal, love, passion, ambition, inner conflict