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(Smart AI E.I.G.) Works of Art

(Smart AI E.I.G.) Works of Art

The partnership established with the company Fine Art America, one of the world leaders in printing technology for works of art on various surfaces (walls, clothes, decorative objects, etc.), allows the Smart AI E.I.G. (which brings together the companies Culture Diff' for the diffusion of scientific culture and EcoGraph' specialized in graphic design) (*) to offer you a high-quality printing of the works of art exhibited in the PhotoGraphism section and designed on the basis of the most beautiful photographs of the Occitania region, southern France : "Fine Art America executes each order on behalf of the artists - hundreds of thousands of living artists contribute to the catalogue of the world's largest marketplace -, taking care of the order (secure online payment), of the printing on the surface chosen by the customer, of the framing and matting in the case of a print on a wall support, of the packaging, of the shipping to the address given by the customer; finally, of the sending of the profits to the artists. Each product is manufactured at one of the 16 production sites worldwide and delivered « ready to hang ». Each customer benefits from a 30-day money back guarantee." (source Fine Art America)

Fine art America

Thus, each of the photographs exhibited by the Smart AI E.I.G. on the Pixels art galery of the company Fine Art America can be the subject of a high-quality print (**) on one of the following supports:

  • wall decoration: printing on canvas, metal, wood, acrylic print, art print, poster, etc. with or without frame ;
  • objects: greeting cards, notebooks, smartphone cases, mugs, etc. ;
  • fabrics: t-shirts, handbags, pillows, duvet covers, beach towels, bath towels, yoga mats.

** Museum Quality Products: All products are made from high quality paper, canvas, fabric, frames and other materials designed to last a lifetime without fading or losing colour.

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To access the gallery dedicated to Digital PhotoGraphism on Fine Art America, please click on the image below:

Galerie Smart AI sur Fine art America
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(*) The mission of the Smart AI E.I.G. is to design new immersive and collaborative knowledge tools of the environment in order to contribute to its preservation. Since they offer a new feel - a crossed, aesthetic and moving perspective - of the landscape around us, the works of art on display within the PhotoGraphism section are part of this mission.

These works of art have all been designed on the basis of photographs, displayed for most in the PhotoExploration section, available for some in the form of original postcards. As a result of a subtle combination of techniques borrowed from the graphic arts and digital photography, they are part of the movement of an artistic trend called PhotoGraphism, which consists in offering a graphic re-interpretation of a photography.

These works of art are, since the 2019, the subject of several exhibitions in high places in the Occitania region, at the Salon de la Photo at Paris as well, and have led to the production of an exhibition catalogue entitled « PhotoGraphism: a new artistic language ».

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Expo Salon de la Photo