Oc'Sciences : Culture Diff' BBM Channel

BBM is a secure social network created by the BlackBerry company and made ​​freely available to users of iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones. The BBM application offers the opportunity to discuss by written (chat) and orally (video), to share content (photos), to discover other topics (newsgroups, BBM Channels), while preserving your privacy (*). Further details ...

In order to enable you to express yourself about the content (text and photographs) of the www.culturediff.org website, to meet other people interested in the topics covered, the Culture Diff' company has created a BBM Channel entitled Oc'Sciences. To check out this BBM Channel, simply download the BBM application on your smartphone, then create a BlackBerry ID (BBID), next scan the QR code on the right or turn your browser to http://pin.bbm.com/C0041F699.

To access the downloading site of the BBM application, please click on the logo below :

ligne horizontale
* The BlackBerry company provides a set of tools to ensure the confidentiality:
  • of your identity: your phone number is replaced by a pin code,
  • of your discussions: your exchanges (texts, photos, videos) transit via the secure servers of the BlackBerry company - they can not be intercepted by any third party,
  • of your shared content: with one click, your contents (text, photos, comments, etc.) are erased for ever,
  • and of your geolocation: when activated by you, location sharing is automatically disabled after a few minutes.

Free use and confidentiality are the criteria the Culture Diff' company applied to select the BBM application among others.